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Week of June 13, 2021

. . . a brand new venture

"If we would gain any real advantage in the use of this Step on problems other than alcohol, we shall need to make a brand new venture into open-mindedness. We shall need to raise our eyes toward perfection, and be ready to walk in that direction."

Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions, p.68

Upcoming Events

Office News

TWELVE STEP CALL LIST 2021 The Intergroup Council would like to update the 12-Step Call List. This is used by the office staff and answering service volunteers to connect the newcomer with a member of the fellowship who will welcome the still suffering alcoholic to our meetings and our program. Our new listing will be open for members attending physical and virtual meetings. Please print and have your home group members fill out the form Twelve Step Call List Sign Up Form. Return the completed form to the Intergroup office by July 30.


June 16th Cynthia T. Delegate Area 29 will be sharing what happened at the General Service Conference. All are welcome to join us. District 28 Monthly Meeting will be on Zoom. For more information and documentation see the Events Page. ALL Members and GSR’S (General Service Representatives) from all Districts and Home Groups are invited.

June 16th PLANNING MEETING FOR PICNIC The meeting will start after the 6:30 PM Rising Sun BB Meeting at West Nottingham Presbyterian Church, 1195 Firetower Road, Colora, MD 21917. The picnic will be held at the McCoy Farm on June 26th 11 AM - Food, Speakers, Fellowship. Please attend the planning meeting - Everyone is Invited!!! (posted 6-9-2021)

June 21st. Website/Technology Training - We'll be meeting in person at the Intergroup Office for two sessions (2nd date to be announced). See Events Page for times and more information. If you are interested in helping with the website updates, publish the bulletin, write articles, or maybe publish a monthly newsletter... or just want to know what's going on . . . please join us. (updated 06-14-2021)

June 22nd Intergroup Council Meeting at 7 PM. For more information and meeting documents see Events Page.

June 26th - Picnic at McCoy Farm starting at 11 AM - Food, Speakers, Fellowship. Everyone is Welcome!!!!! McCoy Farm - 703 Rock Run Rd. Port Deposit, Md. Food, Fun and Fellowship: 2 Speaker meetings and a Daily Reflections meeting. Rising Sun BB will provide the meats - please bring a dish if you wish. More information to come . . .

from the Chair. . . "An important reminder, our Answering Service Committee Chair is departing at the end of this Summer. We NEED a dedicated volunteer now so that they can overlap with the current chair – Jeff L! – who has done an excellent job for nearly 4 years. If interested please contact me at or at or phone at (410) 272-4150."

Save the Date . . . September 24th - Fall Picnic - from the Chair . . . "District 30 has agreed to have the Intergroup, District 28 and District 11 join forces with them in putting on a Fall picnic. It’s is still in the formative stages but here is the information we know: Proposed date, 24 Sept 2021, time, noon to 4pm, location, Susquehanna state park or HdG Ambulance Corp building. Please contact Kelly U at or phone at (410) 272-4150 if interested in helping. District 30 is the lead, but everyone with our Fellowship can certainly help make this a tremendous event." To contact District 30 send emails to


Institutions Committee

The Institutions Committee is asking for volunteers to help organize and track commitments. Also, they are looking for individuals with computer skills to help publish the Institutions Schedule. Please contact Frank at or call the Intergroup Office at 410-272-4150.


. . . serving our Meetings and Home Groups To find all Physical meetings please visit the Meetings tab on the website or you can view/print this PDF version of the NEMDAA DIRECTORY updated weekly. Below are the meeting updates and re-openings for this week.. All meetings that have opened before June 13th are listed under the Meetings tab on the website.

Sunday June 13th
no updates

Monday June 14th
7:30 PM
Monday Night Raw - Forest Hill - Reopening
7:30 PM Starting Over - Mann House - Reopening
8:30 PM Emmorton Group - Abingdon - Reopening

Tuesday June 15th
no updates

Wednesday June 16th
no updates

Thursday June 17th
7:00 PM Back To Basics - Aberdeen - Reopening

Friday June 18th
no updates

Saturday June 19th
no updates

Answering Service

June 14 - June 20 Any Lengths
June 21 - June 27 By the Book
June 28 - July 4 Providence Group
July 5 - July 11

You can reach the Answering Service Chair at


* physical meeting
† virtual meeting
‡ actual sobriety date
13 June
Murray D Good News Beginners † 40 years
14 June
Caleb T Rising Sun Group * 11 years
15 June
Courtney C Bel Air Womens Group * 4 years
Kaminski Third Tradition * 1 year
Tommy K Third Tradition * 15 years
16 June
Anna S North East Big Book * 5 years
Eric P Joppa Twelve Step * 5 years
Rob R Rule 62 Group * 13 years
17 June
Chana G Any Lengths * 10 years
Eddie W Darlington 12 Step * 36 years
18 June
Jeremy S Spesutia * 3 years
19 June
Cliff B New Beginnings * 33 years
21 June
Matt K Stay for the Miracle * 1 year
22 June
Frank M By the Book * 6 years
Victor R Sober by the Bay * 38 years
23 June
Jean W North East Big Book * 24 years
24 June
Dwight S Just for Today * 16 years
Jake B. One Day at a Time * 4 years
Jane McK Just for Today * 19 years
Kevin M Any Lengths * 4 years
25 June
Dave W Acceptance * 2 years
Jim Z North East Friday Night * 16 years
26 June
Joey Y New Beginnings * 5 years
28 June
Gary L Stay for the Miracle * 38 years
01 July
Miles M Living the Steps * 1 year
Vicki S Any Lengths * 4 years
02 July
Rachael B Spesutia Group * 5 years
Travis M Acceptance * 2 years
03 July
Jim K New Beginnings * 34 years
* physical meeting
† virtual meeting
‡ actual sobriety date

Final Thought:

"The moment we say, 'No, never!' our minds close against the grace of God. Delay is dangerous, and rebellion may be fatal. This is the exact point at which we abandon limited objectives, and move toward God's will for us. "

Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions, p.69

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