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Week of January 10, 2021

If he is sincerely interested ...

"...he must decide for himself whether he wants to go on. He should not be pushed or prodded by you, his wife, or his friends. If he is to find God the desire must come from within.....If he thinks he can do the job in some other way, or prefers some other spiritual approach, encourage him to follow his own conscience. We have no monopoly on God; we merely have an approach that worked with us...Helping others is the foundation stone of your recovery. A kindly act once in a while isn't enough. You have to act the Good Samaritan every day, if need be."

Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 95 - 97

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NEW RELEASE A Visual History of Alcoholics Anonymous: An Archival Journey. Lavishly illustrated, this lively tour through A.A.’s history is told in hundreds of Iconic images never before published in one volume. Illuminating descriptions walk us through powerful moments in our shared history — from the people, places and things integral to A.A.’s early growth, and forward to today’s vibrant, international Fellowship. Includes a special focus on Detroit in A.A.’s history and updated coverage of recent innovations in A.A. group life. 4.75" x 3.75", 416 pages. Release date: February 14, 2021 Special pre-order discount: Save $1 on every copy! The limited edition publication of a new book! A VISUAL HISTORY OF ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. Originally developed as the souvenir book for the 2020 International Convention in Detroit. If you are interested in ordering,please contact us at 410-272-4150 or email For more detailed information - See Flyer

Need literature or medallions ... the office hours are posted on the website on the Contact Us Page. To enter the office please wear face covering, and respect social distance.


Living Sober is Now an Audio Book! Listen for free here.

New Box 4-5-9 Published. This issue reports on some recent A.A. events: the annual IGCOAA Seminar, focusing on the important work of intergroups and central offices across the U.S. and Canada, and the 75th anniversary of A.A. in Australia.

New Sharing from Behind the Walls published. This newsletter is published quarterly by the Corrections Desk at the General Service Office and contains excerpts from inmate letters sent to G.S.O. and reprinted with the inmates’ permission. It is intended for widespread distribution to inmates involved in A.A. in correctional facilities. Past Issues Available

For Information about meetings use this link - How To Find A Meeting

Meeting Updates . . . To provide the most updated information for meeting changes (time, location, inside or outside, inclement weather cancellations, closures, etc). all changes will be listed on the website. If a meeting is no longer listed in the Meetings section, the meeting has closed their doors. When the meeting reopens it will be listed again. Any questions or suggestions please send us an email.

Bulletin Deadlines: Please email or call in bulletin announcements and anniversaries Fridays by noon. For current information please check the website.


Institutions Committee

Available institution commitments are listed on the website under the Service and Committee Section. If you are interested in carrying the message and want more information, send an inquiry to


How can we get involved . . . Here's the Maryland General Service Calendar for 2021 MGS 2021 Calendar

Great Service Opportunity - Join us in a collaborative rendition of unlocking the mystery of  The A.A. Service Manual.  Areas 12, 28 & 29 are pleased to invite you to join us on Thursday evenings  from 7 pm – 8:30 pm (ET) thru February 11 2021. For more information see the Events Calendar. Next meeting January 14th.

Share Your Story. YOU can submit an article to the Grapevine! SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. Please submit an article to the Grapevine for the Prison Issue (stories due Jan. 15, 2021). Stories are needed by members about how AA brings hope into prisons and jails. Stories by prisoners and by those who bring AA meetings to them. And those Involved in correspondence service or prison sponsorship? We would love to hear your stories. Grapevine would also like to hear from Sober Seniors (stories due Feb. 15, 2021) What are some challenges you have getting older in AA? Are you in assisted living? How do you get to AA meetings? How do you stay connected to the Fellowship? Did you get sober later in life? Do you do service reaching out to senior members? Share your experiences.

Answering Service

January 11 - January 17 Living the Steps
January 18 - January 24 Happy Hour
January 25 - January 31 Joppa 12 Step
February 1 - February 7 Good News Group

You can reach the Answering Service Chair at


* physical meeting
† virtual meeting
‡ actual sobriety date
11 January
Ed J Spirit of Life * 4 years
12 January
Darius K Stay Stopped Group * 13 years
Jerry D Third Tradition * 19 years
Macie B Bel Air Womens Group † 1 year
13 January
Debbie C Joppa Twelve Step * 3 years
14 January
Brian H North East 12 and 12 * 4 years
Frank M Back to Basics † 6 years
James J North East 12 and 12 * 3 years
Leonard L ‡ Sunday Reflections 6 years
Meredith J Came To Believe † 2 years
Warren C North East 12 and 12 * 4 years
15 January
Ted J Spesutia * 4 years
Tony W Acceptance Group * 6 years
Wes O Happy Hour † 2 years
16 January
Dan B Fallston Early Saturday † 4 years
18 January
Jeffrey W Bel Air Big Book † 23 years
Shannon D Monday Night Raw † 10 years
19 January
Bill P By The Book * 6 years
Joe L ‡ Joppa Twelve Step 20 years
John M By The Book * 5 years
20 January
Ben G Joppa Twelve Step * 3 years
Matt B Providence Group † 4 years
21 January
Darrell B Thirsty Thursday * 1 year
Karen S Bel Air Womens Big Book † 44 years
Megan K Came To Believe † 4 years
23 January
Tim S Friends of Bill W. * 20 years
24 January
Shannon M Sunday Morning Now * 2 years
25 January
Heidi K ‡ Acceptance Group 3 years
Sarah M Monday Night Raw † 6 years
26 January
Rich G By The Book * 24 years
27 January
Loren THINK Group * 1 year
P J Bel Air Wednesday Group † 4 years
28 January
Megan F Came To Believe † 20 years
Patrick W Lunch Bunch † 32 years
29 January
Mike F Fundamentally All is Well † 3 years
* physical meeting
† virtual meeting
‡ actual sobriety date

Final Thought:

"One day a member asked me if I believed that there was actually a Higher Power. I did believe there was a God of some sort or another. He told me that was enough."

Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 498

28 Centennial Lane Aberdeen, MD 21001-2498