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Week of December 13, 2020

Step Eleven ...

"suggests prayer and meditation...When we retire at night, we constructively review our day...But we must be careful not to drift into worry, remorse or morbid reflection, for that would diminish our usefulness to others...On awakening...We consider our plans for the day...we ask God to direct our thinking especially asking that it be divorced from self-pity, dishonest or self-seeking motives...What use to be a hunch or occasional inspiration gradually becomes a working part of the mind...We usually conclude the period of meditation with a prayer that we be shown all through the day what our next step is to be. . . We are careful never to pray for our own selfish ends."

Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 85 - 87

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Need literature or medallions ... the office hours are posted on the website on the Contact Us Page. To enter the office please wear face covering, and respect social distance.

If you would prefer Curbside Pick-up: During business hours you can call office at 410-272-4150 to place your order. After business hours you can email order to Let us know if you need to make any special arrangements. Payment can be made with check, cash, or PayPal – further information will be given with your order. Evening pickups can be arranged with 24 hour notice.

Thanks to all the groups and individuals who continue to support the Intergroup through contributions and service. Special Thanks goes to All for celebrating their Anniversaries with a Birthday Plan Contribution. A PayPal account is set up for contributions and is accessible on the Contribute page. Contributions are also gladly accepted by check in the mail, cash or check in person during office hours at NEMDAA Intergroup at 28 Centennial Lane, Aberdeen, MD 21001.


Meeting Updates . . . Please let us know if your meeting is open or closed for the holidays ( Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day). To provide the most updated information for meeting changes (time, location, inside or outside, inclement weather cancellations, closures, etc). all changes will be listed on the website. If a meeting is no longer listed in the Meetings section, the meeting has closed their doors. When the meeting reopens it will be listed again. Any questions or suggestions please send us an email.

For Information about meetings use this link - How To Find A Meeting

PLEASE SAVE THESE DATES... Winter Bingo - February 20, 2021, Spring Appreciation Breakfast - April 18, 2021, Fall Gratitude Breakfast - October 17, 2021, Fall Bingo - November 20, 2021.

Bulletin Deadlines: Please email or call in bulletin announcements and anniversaries Fridays by noon. For current information please check the website. Deadline for December 27th Issue is Thursday December 24th by noon. Deadline for January 3rd Issue is December 31st by noon.


Institutions Committee

Available institution commitments are listed on the website under the Service and Committee Section. If you are interested in carrying the message and want more information, send an inquiry to


Share Your Story. YOU can submit an article to the Grapevine! SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. Please submit an article to the Grapevine for the Prison Issue (stories due Jan. 15, 2021). Stories are needed by members about how AA brings hope into prisons and jails. Stories by prisoners and by those who bring AA meetings to them. And those Involved in correspondence service or prison sponsorship? We would love to hear your stories.

Please be of service for the Holidays . . . Volunteer to Share your Experience, Strength, and Hope at the Christmas Alcathon. District 36 of Saint Mary's County is asking A.A. members to share their story...PLEASE SIGN UP TO CHAIR A MEETING 

Exciting news for District 30... Steffanie M. and Brian D. have joined the 2021-2023 officers. Steffanie's and Brian's Home Group is Daily Reflections Fridays at 8 PM virtually. Brian D. will be serving as Alternate District Committee Member (Alt. D.C.M.) and Steffanie will be joining the team as Secretary for the District. At November's meeting Mike C. was voted in as District Committee Member (D.C.M.). You can find Mike at Daily Reflections Fridays at 8 PM virtually. The District would also like to say thank you to Marsha S. for serving as D.C.M. for the past two years. She will be continuing to serve as Treasurer. Marsha's Home Group is Sunday Morning Now.

Great Service Opportunity - Join us in a collaborative rendition of unlocking the mystery of  The A.A. Service Manual.  Areas 12, 28 & 29 are pleased to invite you to join us on Thursday evenings  from 7 pm – 8:30 pm (ET). Beginning January 7 – February 11 2021. For more information see the Events Calendar

Answering Service

December 14 - December 20 Bel Air Women's Big Book
December 21 - December 27 Bel Air Big Book
December 28 - January 3 Rule 62
January 4 - January 10 Emmorton 8:30

You can reach the Answering Service Chair at


* physical meeting
† virtual meeting
‡ actual sobriety date
13 December
Mitch B Sunday Morning Now * 25 years
14 December
Tim T Rising Sun Group 35 years
15 December
Chris T By The Book * 25 years
Herb F Third Tradition * 7 years
Jodi A Aberdeen Ladies † 4 years
Spiro K Third Tradition * 41 years
16 December
Grady Joppa Twelve Step * 3 years
17 December
Jay E Living the Steps * 8 years
Stacy C Any Lengths † 2 years
19 December
Bill L ‡ HOW Group 34 years
21 December
Michael B Emmorton Beginners † 34 years
22 December
Derric B Third Tradition * 19 years
Renee W Sisters of Sobriety † 1 year
Santino Q Third Tradition * 13 years
23 December
Josh Joppa Twelve Step * 1 year
25 December
Kenny J Happy Hour † 1 year
26 December
Zach K Fallston Early Saturday † 1 year
29 December
John B By The Book * 3 years
30 December
Mike Joppa Twelve Step * 1 year
Reyna W Providence Group † 3 years
02 January
Buzzy H Fallston Early Saturday † 37 years
Ladonna Living Sober † 11 years
Michael M New Beginnings † 12 years
* physical meeting
† virtual meeting
‡ actual sobriety date

Final Thought:

"I needed to be forced into acceptance and humility...The hopelessness has been replaced by abundant hope and sincere faith."

Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 475

28 Centennial Lane Aberdeen, MD 21001-2498