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Week of May 24, 2020

...from Bill's Story

"No words can tell of the loneliness and despair I found in that bitter morass of self-pity. Quicksand stretched around me in all directions. I had met my match. I had been overwhelmed. Alcohol was my master... How dark it is before the dawn!... I was soon to be catapulted into what I like to call the fourth dimension of existence. I was to know happiness, peace, and usefulness, in a way of life that is incredibly more wonderful as time passes."

-Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 8


Physical meetings... please email all meeting updates and changes to Please include any special instructions with your email and the date you will be starting. If your group currently has a Virtual meeting, please include whether this will continue or stop. Here is a link to GUIDELINES TO SAFELY RE-OPEN IN-PERSON MEETINGS provided by the Baltimore AA Intergroup. If you have any specific questions, concern, or ideas to help others, please email

Virtual meetings... for Zoom Meetings - if you are using the Zoom App, you may need to update to Version 5.0 by May 30th. If you are hosting a meeting, please check the dates to confirm you have scheduled the meeting through May/June. If there are any updates to your meetings, please send them to to keep the website current.

Group Announcements:

   Sunday Morning Now - Group Conscience , June 7th - for all home group members, directly following the 8:30 AM meeting


Volunteers... we are starting a group of office volunteers to staff the office. If you are interested in serving, please email to

Please put your name in the hat... if you're not sure what that means... ask an Oldtimer... If you have 3 or more years of continuous sobriety we are asking you to stand. On June 13th we are asking each homegroup to have one member attend to cast your group vote. Tom R, past Area 29 Delegate, will serve to officiate the Third Legacy Procedure.

Service work is an essential part of our sobriety... Recovery, Unity, and Service.

Contributions, Literature, and Thanks...

Special Thanks to Joanne P. for celebrating her 26 year Anniversary with her Birthday Plan Contribution. And thank you for your continued support of the Intergroup. A PayPal account is set up for contributions and is accessible on the website menu. If you need information and assistance to set up a virtual basket for your homegroup, please email at

Literature... the office has reopened. The office hours may fluctuate every week as our volunteer staff changes. The Intergroup Office hours for Saturday, May 23rd – Friday, May 29th are posted on the website and front door of the office. To enter the office please wear face covering, respect social distance, and limit two patrons.

Curbside Pick-up: During business hours if you would like to arrange for CURBSIDE PICK-UP you can call the office at 410-272-4150 to place your order. After business hours you can email orders to If you have questions about literature, medallions, or need to make special arrangements, please let us know. Payment can be made with check, cash, or PayPal – further information will be given with your order. Evening pickups can be arranged.

THANKS... to everyone for their continued support and love during this time...


Upcoming Events

Institutions Committee

Hospitals, Jails, Recovery Programs, and Institutions... we are looking for solutions to carry the message of recovery while physical restrictions are mandated. If you would like to be of service please email the Institution Chair at

We are also updating our Institution's Roster - sponsors, home groups, and individuals please email with your contact information... thank you

Answering Service

May 25 - May 31 Happy Hour
June 1 - June 7 Three Pertinent Ideas
June 8 - June 14 Joppa 12 Step
June 15 - June 21 Good News Group


* physical meeting
† virtual meeting
‡ actual sobriety date
25 May
Gerald D Joppa Morning Group † 2 years
Ginny M Bel Air Big Book † 22 years
26 May
Joanne P Solution for Living † 26 years
28 May
Kelly U Any Lengths † 10 years
29 May
Coop The Point Is * 10 years
31 May
Marsha S Sunday Morning Now † 5 years
01 June
Ray W ‡ Goodnews Group 30 years
Chrissy ‡ Bel Air Women Big Book 1 year
02 June
Lonna S Aberdeen Ladies Group † 8 years
04 June
Dennis D Any Lengths † 23 years
05 June
Eric F NE Friday Night Group 3 years
06 June
Cliff B New Beginnings † 32 years
12 June
Bob K NE Friday Night Group 36 years
Tommy E ‡ New Beginnings 1 year
13 June
Courtney C Women for Sobriety † 3 years
Joey Y New Beginnings † 4 years
* physical meeting
† virtual meeting
‡ actual sobriety date

Final Thought:...carrying the message..."My musing was interrupted by the telephone. The cheery voice of an old school friend asked if he might come over. He was sober."-Alcoholics Anonymous p.8-9

28 Centennial Lane Aberdeen, MD 21001-2498