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Week of June 21, 2020

...the steps

"My friend promised when these things were done I would enter upon a new relationship with my Creator; that I would have the elements of a way of living which answered all my problems. Belief in the power of God, plus enough willingness, honesty and humility to establish and maintain the new order of things, were the essential requirements."

-Alcoholics Anonymous, p.13-14


Please email any bulletin announcements and anniversaries (actual, virtual, physical) to by Saturday at noon. For current information, please check the website.

With our deepest sympathy we send our love and condolences to the family and friends of George B., member of Third Tradition Group in Emmorton. He passed on June 15th.

Group Announcements:

   Freedom Group - June 22nd - 36 Year Group Anniversary (Actual Date)

   Sober By The Bay - June 30th - 17 Year Group Anniversary (Physical)

   Fact to Face (f2f) Meetings are updated daily and posted on the website. Here's the link: DAILY UPDATES FOR GROUP REOPENINGS

   Physical and Virtual meetings... please email all meeting updates and changes to Please include any special instructions with your email and the dates. Here's a link on How to Re-Open Meetings Safely (With Links) provided by the Baltimore AA Intergroup and a reading from G.S.O. on Safety and A.A.: Our Common Welfare. If you have any specific questions, concerns, or ideas to help others, please email


Service to A.A. - please pass on this information... 2020 International Convention – A Virtual Experience, in English, French and Spanish. The site will be up and running on July 1, 2020 and will be online throughout the month of July. Please stay tuned for updates on

Yes to Volunteers... we have a good list starting for office volunteers. If you are available and would like to volunteer at the Intergroup, please give us a call during office hours. The Volunteer Team will work with the Office Manager and the Intergroup Council.

Office Manager... the Intergroup Council will be interviewing candidates for this position. For job specifications and requirements, please send email to or call 410-272-4150 during business hours. If you would like to serve on the Intergroup Personnel Committee, meeting information

Thanks to the Intergroup Council, Treasurer Jane J. from Came to Believe and Secretary Katie W. from the Monday Night Rising Sun Group for their service. Starting July 1st Carol S. from Sunday Reflections will be serving as Secretary and Lisa P. from Women in Sobriety will be serving as Treasurer. The position of Intergroup Chairperson is still open. It is recommended that the candidate have 3 years of continuous sobriety. The Chair serves as the chief executive office of the Intergroup and the general management of the Intergroup affairs... a more detailed description is provided on the Website Service page.

Contributions, Literature, and Thanks...

From Group Services at A.A.W.S.7th Tradition Contribution Letter June 19, 2020. Please read to your home groups... thank you

Need literature or medallions...the office is OPEN. The Intergroup Office hours are posted on the website. To enter the office please wear face covering, and respect social distance.

Curbside Pick-up:During business hours if you would like to arrange for CURBSIDE PICK-UP you can call the office at 410-272-4150 to place your order. After business hours you can email orders to If you have questions about literature, medallions, or need to make special arrangements, please let us know. Payment can be made with check, cash, or PayPal – further information will be given with your order. Evening pickups can be arranged.

Thanks to all the groups and individuals who continue to support the Intergroup through contributions and service.


Upcoming Events

Institutions Committee

No Changes to report... if you would like to volunteer, please email Thanks for your continued support.

Answering Service

June 22 - June 28 Sobriety on Friday
June 29 - July 5 William Street
July 6 - July 12 Any Lengths
July 13 - July 19 By the Book


* physical meeting
† virtual meeting
‡ actual sobriety date
22 June
Jane McK ‡ Just For Today 18 years
23 June
Frank M By the Book * 5 years
Glen A Stay Stopped Group * 27 years
Victor R Sober By The Bay * 37 years
24 June
Jean W NE Big Book *† 23 years
25 June
Marc D Any Lengths † 5 years
Steve T Never Too Early *† 6 years
Joe P ‡ Joppa Twelve Step 40 years
George G ‡ Miracles Do Happen 31 years
27 June
Jim K New Beginnings † 33 years
30 June
Dana G By The Book * 2 years
Leon S ‡ Came to Believe 19 years
02 July
Allie C Bel Air Women's Big Book † 1 year
03 July
Devon F NE Friday Night * 6 years
04 July
Bill C New Beginnings † 2 years
08 July
George Z Bel Air Wednesday Group † 39 years
10 July
Michelle S Happy Hour † 8 years
14 July
Nate C Three Legacies † 1 year
Patsy W By the Book * 14 years
15 July
Laurie S NE Big Book † 27 years
22 July
Rhonda P Bel Air Wednesday Group † 15 years
29 July
Matt C Bel Air Wednesday Group † 6 years
* physical meeting
† virtual meeting
‡ actual sobriety date

Final Thought:"...I would be amazingly lifted up and set on my feet. It is a design for living that works in rough going."-Alcoholics Anonymous p.15

28 Centennial Lane Aberdeen, MD 21001-2498