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Congratulations to Carol S. and Lisa P. Carol S. will be serving as the Intergroup Council Secretary. Carol S. is a home group member of Sunday Reflections (meets 9:30 am -virtual) and the Joppa Morning Group (meets Mon – Fri at 8:30 am – virtual). She has served as G.S.R. to District 28 for 3 years and is very active in her community. Lisa P. will be serving as Intergroup Council Treasurer. She is a home group member of Women of Sobriety (meets Sat 7:30 pm – virtual). She has been active in her home group for 5+ years. We are very excited to welcome them.

On Monday, June 28th the Intergroup Council elected Rex P. to serve as our Intergroup Chair for 2020-2022. Congratulations Rex. . . We are very excited to welcome Rex. His sponsor Steve L. of By the Book nominated him to the Council. Rex will be celebrating his 4 year anniversary on July 30th. His service work started with a coffee commitment for an 80-person meeting. He states that “Greeting every person who got a cup of coffee was an experience that really helped him.” Special thanks goes out to the Council for attending the elections meeting, and to Tom R., Past Delegate, for officiating both our elections.

Service opportunities in A.A. are many and varied. Some are designed to promote A.A unity, others to more directly carry the message to the still sufferring alcoholics. Our Twelth Step starts out “Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps we tried to carry the message to other alcoholics …” Our First Tradition states, “Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon A.A. unity.” The need for us to carry our message of recovery and hope, as well as the need to preserve A.A. unity, are the reasons for service.

For those members of A.A. desiring to be of service beyond the group level the Northeastern Maryland Intergroup of A.A. always has opportunities available.

The Intergroup coordinates our 24 hour 7 days a week Answering Service. Volunteers are always needed for our 12th Step List – a list of recovering alcoholics who make themselves available to help the still suffering alcoholics who call seeking help. Please see the Answering Service page for additional details.

The Institution Committee performs the vital 12th Step work of carrying the message to various institutions in Harford and Cecil counties. Voulnteers are always needed to help administer and schedule the various activities, as well as taking the message to the various institutions. Please see the Institutions Committee page for additional details.

The Ways and Means Committee is always looking for members willing to help organize the various activities sponsored by the Intergroup. The breakfasts, the picnic, and other activities all require a lot of hard work by dedicated volunteers. To help out in this area please see the Ways and Means Committee page for details.

Other opportunities are also available for those desiring to be of service at the Intergroup level. To find out more please contact the Office Manager at 410-272-4150 or Intergroup Chairperson at, or attend the next Intergroup Council meeting. The meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7 PM on Zoom. Here’s the link for the next Intergroup Council Monthly Meeting on Tuesday October 27th at  7 PM on Zoom or Dial In at 929 205 6099.  Meeting ID: 852 4719 7087. Password: 669703. Please join us and give your Home Group a vote.  Virtual doors will open at 6:45 PM.  Documents for meeting on Events Calendar.

There are also many rewarding service opportunities at the District and Area levels. Check out the Maryland General Service website,, for more information.