District 11

District 11
 is asking it’s groups and it’s members what would be their ideal day, time and frequency for our District meetings. Please submit your thoughts to dcmdistrict11area29@gmail.com.   Also, we currently need someone to handle secretary duties for the district.  Again, if you’re interested please contact your D.C.M. at dcmdistrict11area29@gmail.com.  Thank you!

October 7th – District 11 Meeting for GSRs – visitors welcome!  District 11 meets on the 1st Wednesday of the every month at 6:30 PM on Zoom or Dial In at 646 558 8656.  Meeting ID: 301 492 5533 (no password required).

**D.C.M. Monthly Call  Saturday October 10th 9 AM -10:30 AM on Zoom or Dial In at 301 715 8592.  Meeting ID: 792 013 5207.  Password: 1935.

**Area 29’s DCMs and/ or the Alternate DCMs will gather on a Zoom call at 9:00 a.m. lasting no later than 10:30 a.m.  Now more than ever, as individual groups may seek to reopen in person gatherings, we should at least gather remotely, via Zoom to discuss ways we can continue the channels of communication and flow of service which supports our districts and the individual meetings held in them. 

District 11’s geographical boundaries are Cecil County.