Intergroup Officers

The NEMDAA Intergroup Council is happy to announce that Carol S. has stood for Chair for the 2022-2024. She was voted in using the Third Legacy Procedure. Thanks to Jeff H. for serving as our administrator of this election. It was very technical – Jeff gave everyone small pieces of paper to write yes or no on; and Steffani M rallied the on-line members. We put all our votes in Jeff’s baseball cap, and he opened each one . . . . it was very exciting. You have to experience it to truly understand . . .

Carol S. joins Steffani M., Secretary, and John F. Treasurer. You can find Carol at the Sunday Reflections Meeting at 9:30 AM, Steffani at Daily Reflections on Fridays at 7 PM, and John at Sobriety on Friday at 7:30 PM. Please join us in welcoming them to service with NEMDAA Intergroup.

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