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(message from 12-22-2021)

The holidays, no matter how you may celebrate them, are upon us.  I along with all of the NEMDAA officers, committee chairs and IG office staff wanted to wish everyone a Happy, Safe and Merry Holiday Season. 

Please continue to practice COVID-mitigation techniques as well.  Wear a mask, maintain physical distance, and limit your time around people “outside of your bubble”.  Even inviting people to your home or going to a friend’s house can expose you to the virus.  Instead, please find creative ways to spent time with those you care about.

Last year at this time, our IG office underwent a Maryland Department of Labor review.  We performed amazingly well in large part to respecting our IG office policies which are; please where a mask, especially if you are unvaccinated, and upon request from our office staff regardless of vaccination status.  Their safety and yours is of our utmost concern and coincides with our traditions of respecting others’ opinions.  Maintain physical separation.  We have a table that should help remind you of maintaining physical distance.  On the table we have hand sanitizer which is an effective way of cleaning your hands.  Curbside service is always an alternative option.  

Thanks to everyone that donated and continue to donate through the 7th tradition.  Through your continued assistance, we maintain an open, safe, and vibrant intergroup office with new and time-tested literature options, medallions, and a friendly and helpful office staff.

Please take care over the holidays and reach out to someone if you are in need.  Happy Holidays!

Rex, Love in Service

December 22, 2021

return to service opportunities

(message from December 1, 2021)

Thanksgiving is behind us and the other major holidays are in front of us.  The program tells us to stay in the right here, right now, which is the present.  I along with all of the NEMDAA officers, IG office staff and committee chairs want to wish everyone a Happy, Safe and Merry Holiday Season, no matter how you celebrate. 

The NEMDAA website continues as a premier tool for reaching our members, new and old, especially during these constantly changing times.  During this Holiday Season, please refer to our website as it lists multiple options for Christmas and New Years Day including all-day Alcathons.  We continue to transition the website and bulletin administration to our office staff.   

Much has happened this past year including rotating in new Telephone Answering and Archive committee chairs, updating our 12-step calling list, supporting a District 30 fellowship picnic, refreshing the IG office equipment and literature, readying the Hospitals and Institutions (H&I) list for the Institutions committee in anticipation of their opening to bringing in outside meetings and lastly preparing for Bingo (Feb ’22) and Fellowship breakfast (Apr ‘22).     

Please stay safe and continue to practice COVID-mitigation techniques and respect others’ choices.  Whether it’s good or bad, this too shall pass.. 

Thanks to everyone that continues to donate online and through in-person meetings as part of the 7thtradition.  Through your continued assistance, our friendly and helpful intergroup office staff are available Tuesday-Saturday providing a central location for new and time-tested literature options, medallions, and in-person fellowship and assistance.

Life is not a search for happiness.  Happiness is a by-product of living the right kind of life and doing the next right thing.  

Happy Holidays!

Rex, Love in Service

December 1, 2021

return to service opportunities

(message from September 30, 2021)

Many thanks to all the members that have signed up on the newly updated 12-step calling lists.  This is a most excellent way to serve and ensure that the “Hand of AA” is always available within our geographic area.  Having these lists allows for the 24-hour answering service to connect a caller in need with someone familiar with AA.

Calling all groups… We have nearly 150 groups within our 3 Districts and only approximately 16 have signed up with our Answering Service Committee Chair.  Thank you to the 16 signed-up groups!  We need additional groups to pledge to this commitment.    

If you and your group are interested in assisting, please email myself or at

You have to give it away in order to keep it. 


Love in Service

September 30, 2021

return to service opportunities