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from the Chair . . .

“The global pandemic has certainly changed everyone’s daily routines.  As we enter the fall and winter months and with the increasing COVID positivity rates, especially in Harford County, we will all need to have increased patience, tolerance and understanding.  It still will be months before there is an approved vaccine widely available.  Meetings will continue to flex, ebb and flow, from outside, inside (limited attendance), hybrid, virtual, etc.  Please keep the updates coming.  The office staff and website/technology committee folks are working tirelessly to keep everyone informed.  Don’t forget to go for a walk (enjoy nature), eat healthy (maybe a salad each day) and try to get a good nights sleep.  In these times, it’s especially important to reach out and talk, one alcoholic talking to another alcoholic  sharing their experience strength and hope.  Love in Service, Rex” . . . November 23, 2020

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from the chair . . . (past messages)

It’s an honor to serve and help guide the NEMDAA Intergroup. Many thanks to several “Oldsters” for helping advise me and the new panel of elected officers and committee chairs. We have a wonderful team of newly elected officers that are all trying to “carry the message” during these uncertain times. The single biggest priority while trying to carry the message is also trying to keep everyone safe as we navigate these COVID19 Pandemic times. We have seen the 100% in-person meetings go almost exclusively on-line, to virtual, Zoom meetings. Thank goodness for Zoom and for the flexibility of our groups and members to pivot to Zoom – life on life’s terms. As the Summer weather came, so did the creativity of our members to hold outside meetings, hybrid meetings (combination of in-person and on-line meetings), and a host of other types of get togethers trying to meet everyone’s needs, safely. We settled into a new normal trying to maintain 6ft social distancing, wearing of masks, frequently washing hands, and cleaning high-touch surfaces. As colder weather approaches, our members’ creativity will also be challenged, as we go back to limited inside venues, utilizing space heaters and outdoor lighting, ingeniously finding ways to continue carrying the message. The NEMDAA website is a premier tool for reaching our members, new and old, especially during these constantly changing times and places. Thank you to our Website/Technology Committee for keeping our site among the best in the country. If you haven’t noticed, the Intergroup Office in Aberdeen has undergone a complete makeover, two new staff members, Joanne and Rachel, along with new computer, host of new literature, and plentiful stock of medallions. Please stop by… I look forward to serving each and every member, carrying the message, and trying to communicate more frequently via “From The Chair”. Rex, Love in Service” October 22, 2020

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