Intergroup Officers

from the Chair . . .

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“Attention, attention . . . reaching out to all NEMDAA Members, Long-Timers, Sponsors, Sponsee(s) with more than 3 years of continuous sobriety, and other AA members.

It’s sad to say but we, the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, are quickly approaching the final months of our two (2) year terms. It’s been such an honor to serve. We have accomplished so much – life on life’s terms. Thank you for your continuous support.  

These positions are an excellent way to ‘give it away to keep it’, service before self. Acts of service not only support the people getting sober and staying sober, but also helps the person doing the service stay sober too. We do it to give back to the fellowship where we found healing and a new life, and to support the people that encouraged them to not give up on recovery and keep coming back, and to keep the cycle going for the newcomer. 

Officer Nomination Period is happening now!! . . . through May 2022. Nominations will be presented and discussed at the May 24th Intergroup Council Meeting and Officer elections will be conducted at the June 28th Intergroup Council Meeting utilizing The Third Legacy procedure.

Please direct any questions to me at or at  

Rex, Love in Service “

return to service opportunities