Finance Committee

Next Meeting Date and Time to be announced.

Past Meeting: Wednesday August 24 at 7 PM  on Zoom.  Dial In at 301 715 8592. Meeting ID: 815 4683 4642. Passcode: 779000.    Please join us and be of service to your Home Group. 

The Finance Committee is a standing committee consisting of the Committee Chair, the Intergroup Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and Office Manager. Any and all other committee chairs and members of NEMDAA are welcome to attend the quarterly meetings and, in fact, are encouraged to do so.
The Finance Committee is charged with preparing an annual proposed budget for submission to the Intergroup Council for approval. The committee meets regularly, usually quarterly, to compare the Intergroup’s actual financial numbers to the prorated budget. The result is reported
to the Council.
The Finance Committee works with other committee chairs to arrive at spending budgets for literature and other supplies to be incorporated into the annual budget. From time to time, a committee may have a special need, in which case the Finance Committee reviews the issue and makes a recommendation to the Council.
The Finance Committee is charged with oversight of accounting practices in the office. In the past, this included a written suggested routine for the Office Manager, a description of the proper processing of receipts, the maintenance of a key log, and the proper retention of records.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Finance Committee or would like more information, please contact the Intergroup office.