starting June 6th this page no longer updated – use this link: Meetings

Fri.      12:00 pm     Lunch Bunch

Fri.     6:00 pm         Friday Night Lights

Fri.      6:30 pm          New Life

Fri.      7:00 pm          Acceptance 

Fri.     7:00 pm         The Bobble Head Group

Fri.     7:00 pm       Forest Hill Friday Night Group

Fri.      7:00 pm        Fundamentally All is Well

Fri.      7:00 pm         Spesutia Group

Fri.      7:30 pm         Bel Air Friday Night – OUTSIDE

Fri.      7:30 pm         Elkton Friday Big Book

Fri.      7:30 pm         Gates of Insanity

Fri.      7:30 pm           Sobriety on Friday

Fri.      8:00 pm          North East Friday Night GroupJUNE 11TH – MEETING AT THE NORTHEAST TOWN PARK

Fri.      8:00 pm         The Point Is

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*Face to Face (f2f) Meetings are updated daily and posted on the website.  The Northeastern Maryland Intergroup (NEMDAA) office has received notice that some AA meetings are reopening in person. Intergroup is providing notice of these meetings for informational purposes only and takes no position and makes no representations nor guarantees that these meetings comply with current federal, state or local laws as they apply to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, the NEMDAA Intergroup office takes no position and makes no representations nor guarantees that attendance at these meetings is safe and that the meetings do or will comply with currently suggested social distancing or other health care protocols. (adapted from Baltimore Intergroup).